After making a first gap, the Stade de Reims is now six points ahead of the group A. A significant advantage while the mano a mano continues in Group B between Yzeure and OM with Vendenheim which influences a again on the ranking.


Group A (8th day) - The Stade de Reims takes off
Stade de Reims made the hole in Group A, after their victory against La Roche-sur-Yon (1-0) in an expected game between two teams candidates for the climb in D1. Beaten by Issy last weekend, the ESOF had a first delay before moving in Champagne, an amplified difference after the 8th day since the Yonnaises now 8 points behind Reims.

A game that may have been played at the end of the first period with first open score scored by Melissa Gomes (37th). The Reims attacker was served by her Costa Rican teammate Melissa Herrera, before concluding with a cross shot. Advantage in the score and numerical advantage before the break, since La Roche is reduced to ten after the expulsion of Laura Rueda who receives a second yellow (44th).

The meeting remains uncertain until the end. Naomie Feller finds the crossbar for Reims, while the two goalkeepers, Constance Picaud and Pauline Moitrel also repel the opposing attempts. In the end, three new units in the pocket of the Remoises who now have six points ahead of the second.


Issy can not follow the leaders, the good operation of Saint-Malo
In addition to putting away La Roche-sur-Yon, Amandine Miquel's players benefited from the defeat of FF Issy against Orleans (1-2). After four games without a win, the leaders managed to win on the grass of the Franciliennes, who they remained five games without defeats.

Inversion of the curves in this match with the opening of the score of Juliette Moreau in the second period in favor of Orleans (58th). Issy returns to the score with a goal from Nonna Debonne (71) but Kimberley Baudry (84) then gives the victory to the USO. Entering the game in the second half, she scored her first goal in D2 and allowed her team to win.

Still second, Issy sees Orleans get closer to the standings, as well as Saint-Malo winner against Le Havre (1-0). Like the previous weekend against Bréquigny, Morgane Ikene scored the winning goal (56th) in favor of the Malvinas who temporarily climb the podium after this third consecutive victory.


Saint-Maur continues his series
In the bottom of the table, another team continues its good momentum. Fifth game without defeat for VGA Saint-Maur, and a second win against Stade Brestois (2-0). Laurie Teinturier (5th) and Kenza Abidi (28th) are the scorers of the match in the first period. With these new points, Saint-Maur wins a place, while Le Havre slips dangerously in the standings, now in 9th place.

The Havraises who also see Saint-Denis, who took the three points on the lawn of Angers (0-1). A duel of importance for the maintenance since the two teams occupy the 10th and 11th place of group A, the virtual places of barrage and first relegation. If the season remains long, Saint-Denis took valuable points, thanks to a goal from Namnata Traore after the locker room (46th).

Six points now separate the two teams, with Angers off the hook, as well as the red lantern Bréquigny, beaten this weekend in Arras (3-0). Northerners who quickly opened the score by Manon Dumoulin (10th) before distancing themselves with goals from Audrey Tabary (50th) and Pauline Cousin (57th) in the second half. With this victory, the Arrageoises now occupy seventh place in the provisional ranking.


Group A (8th day) - Results
Arras FCF - CPB Bréquigny-Rennes: 3-0

Reims Stadium - ESOF La Roche-sur-Yon: 1-0

FF Issy - US Orleans: 1-2

VGA Saint-Maur - Stade Brestois: 2-0

US Saint-Malo - Le Havre Athletic Club: 1-0

CB Angers Football - RC Saint-Denis: 0-1

Group B (9th day) - Vendenheim as referee for the climb
This week again, Vendenheim shared the points with the leaders of Group B. The previous weekend, the players of Alsace had hung Olympique Marseille, and allowed Yzeure to regain the lead on equal points with the OM. For this 9th day, Yzeure had to settle for a draw on the lawn of Vendenheim (1-1), having been led to score, like Marseille last week.
Unusual detail in this meeting at the top, the two goals of the meeting were registered by the same player. In the first half, Noémie Freckhaus opened the scoring for Vendenheim, cutting the trajectory of the ball over a cross from Kristina Pantelic (30 '). The local players who then seem to have the upper hand in this game, until the hour of play.
In the last half hour, Yzeure gets her best chances, until the equalizer in the 73rd minute where Noémie Freckhaus involuntarily deviates in her own goal an opposing free-kick (1-1). This draw does not help any of the two teams with Vendenheim, who remains for the moment at a distance from the leading pair, and Yzeure who loses another two lengths on the OM.
A day without for Montauban against OM
Also on the road this weekend, Christophe Parra's players made the best of the weekend by winning 7-0 on the Montauban pitch. Except last weekend, the return to the competition proved to be complicated for the players of the South-West despite a better beginning of match. Before the half-hour, Maëva Salomon opened the scoring for Marseille (26th), and the Olympians finally return to the locker room with two goals in advance.
In the second half, Montauban conceded five goals in the last half hour, including a double of Cindy Caputo (67th and 71st) and captain Caroline Pizzala who concluded the mark in stoppage time (90 + 2, 0-7) . Heavy defeat at home that does not prevent Montauban from maintaining 4th place, just ahead of Vendenheim.
In third place, there is AS Saint-Etienne who won at home (2-0) against Portet. A game where the Vertes made the difference in the first half with a new goal from Kelly Gago from the start (4th) before Candice Gherbi added the second, late penalty period (42nd).
Nancy returns to victory, Ambilly gets closer to the top of the table
In the bottom of the table, AS Nancy has returned to victory after five consecutive losses. Against AS Pierrots Vauban, it was a goal from Cameroon midfielder Francine Zouga that allowed the Lorraine players to win (1-0). Now tenth, Nancy returns to a point of their opponents of the day.
Ambilly continues his recovery after his victory on the pitch of ESAP Metz (0-2). The Haut-Savoyardes are now at a point of fourth place, on the heels of Vendenheim and Montauban. In the first half, goals from Inès Boutaleb and Luce Ndolo Ewele helped Ambilly make the difference in this match.
Albi is also close to the top of the table after his win in Grenoble (0-1). The GF38 which goes on a fifth game without a win, with Albi a decisive goal scored in the final minutes of play by Manon Cazes (83) on corner. The Albigensians who are now ahead of Grenoble in the standings, with the players of Nicolas Bach descended to an unexpected 8th place at the end of the 9th day.
Group B (9th day)
ESAP Metz - CSFA Ambilly: 0-2
Grenoble Foot 38 - ASPTT Albi: 0-1
FC Vendenheim - FF Yzeure: 1-1
Montauban FCTG - Olympique Marseille: 0-7
AS Nancy Lorraine AS Pierrots Vauban Strasbourg: 1-0
AS Saint-Etienne - AS Portet CR: 2-0
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