After PSG / Guingamp (1-0), Olivier Echouafni reacted on this short, but valuable victory against a beautiful Guingampaise team.



His reaction on the match

Guingamp chained four games without conceding goals, and then mostly two wins and two draws. So a team of Guingamp who came here logically a lot of aspiration to want to put us in trouble, that's what they managed to do. After the weather conditions were still not simple today with a swirling wind, which caused a lot of problems in the game. And then few opportunities to put in the tooth for us in the first half and in the second half, we saw a little bit the superiority of Paris. I think 1-0 is the bare minimum. Logic would have wanted there to be two or three more goals.


Football Hearts - We saw a team from Guingamp who made the game against PSG, who did not really suffer the match?

No it's good, it's interesting to have teams come here in Paris and produce the game. I think it's all up to them to do it. They had already done it, we saw it against Olympique Lyonnais and Lyon had scored three goals in the last fifteen minutes. Here they came here with the desire to try to make this result, they did not have many situations. We managed to manage them well and manage to score this little goal that gives us three points and which allows us of course to pick up the head [ranking, just below Lyon].


Football Hearts - How do you explain this turnover at the goalie level?

The goal is to have two good babysitters. I'm lucky to have two / three very good quality goalkeepers, high level so I think that both, whether Kate [Katarzyna Kiedrzynek] or Chris [Christiane Endler] also show each time their quality and that poses no problem at the level of competition on the contrary. They have each raised their level of play and today I think it's going pretty well.


We will know more about Lyon?

We will already see in the European Cup because before Lyon ... I am very much talked about this game [against Lyon] of November 18, but before there will be Linkoping and there will be Bordeaux too. These are matches that are not easy to tackle and to be able to prepare well for the match of the 18th, we will have to win our next matches.


Football hearts - Have you called your players to order because we felt they were more present today in the construction of the game than against Dijon last weekend for example?

Yes more present because we have evolved also at the level of our [tactical] scheme to be able to bring a few more solutions forward. It was quickly seen, they were simply told that if they wanted to aspire to a few things this year, they had to win the game. They did it, with their heads, with their minds. It's finally the most beautiful victories that one. The one where you are in trouble and you get to win just by a goal of gap. So it's true in women's football there can be big differences, but here I found that the second half was much better than the first, despite technical waste a little too important.


About the absence of Irene Paredes

Irene has a problem with her knee, so we are doing the necessary care for her to come back as soon as possible. She has just started back for a few days with the group so she should aspire to reposition herself in the group.


Soccer Hearts - You talked about it a bit. Your next opponent is Linkoping. despite a 2-0 win in the first leg, they can come back so it will not get trapped?

Of course in football you know everyone can come back. It's up to us to do the work, we've made 50% of the way, there are still 50 left.

Dounia MESLI

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