In mixed zone, Gaetane Thiney came back on the performance of the France team against Canada with this victory 1-0.

Hearts of Foot - A nice win tonight?

Yes it's good. In any case the result is always important and we have given ourselves more confidence with this victory even if there are still many things to improve. Nevertheless it is a very good team Canada so it's good to win.

Hearts of Foot - Since your return in France team, we see that you are very very high in your benefits

Oh I do not know if it's very very high, I think I can still do better but in any case we made a good collective benefit and this is especially what we must remember. We will have time to rest a little bit and then I hope to meet again for a good season and prepare for the World Cup.

Soccer Hearts - Just after the goal scored, we saw a small moment of flutter. How can we explain that?

I think we went a little too far, so we had less balloons and when the block starts to retreat it's more complicated. We knew how to make the round back and not take chances because finally they did not have opportunities. We took over the control of the game in the second half and it was a little better.

Soccer Hearts - It prepares for pressure management this kind of match?

Yes and more in a beautiful stadium with an ultra public present. And then the coach had put us a little in the conditions saying that "this is the first match of the World Cup hens so put that in your head to raise a little pressure" and it was important also [to have this speech]. You have to get used to that kind of environment and that kind of climate.

What is your assessment of these two games that have been chained?

A very positive balance, we did not take a goal, we scored 9. We showed beautiful things against two completely different nations obviously. And against a team from Canada, we showed a defensive solidity and that was important. Then great offensive opportunities, I think we had a lot of opportunities, now there are still things to fine-tune to have more control of the game.

We must also manage to make the break?

Yes that's right, we have the ball 2-0 after the penalty is anecdotal in quotation marks because it happens [to miss]. But we had opportunities on some occasions to kill the match and it is on this point that we will have to be even more successful and then try to create a little more opportunities perhaps.

On his tenure on these two matches against Nigeria and Canada

Well, well (smile) [I] can do better but otherwise very well in the collective. Personally I would have liked a little more but it's the end of the season. There is still a lot of things going on and in view of the context of the last month [of March, at the She Believes Cup] it is a good collective, individual benefit and it is necessary to continue to work.

You are an experienced player, what is it like to be able to play a World Cup at home?

Well it would be beautiful, but we will take the steps one after the other. Once again two months ago I was not in France team, there I find myself there. It's going very well, on the field and off, but for the moment I do not project myself, I live the present moment.

Dounia MESLI