Just after the match against France lost on the smallest margin by Canada (1-0), the goalkeeper, Stéphanie Labbé reacted to our questions in the mixed zone.

Football Hearts - Your reaction on the match. I guess a little disappointed but it was a good match anyway for you?

Yes. You know, it's hard to come here [in France]. You're here for a week, there's a match at the end and all that energy goes on that game. Of course, we are disappointed not to score with all the way we did. The only way for them to score was on a penalty kick but it's a good point for us defensively. Unfortunately, we started the game by giving too many opportunities, but we learn from that and we know that they have created many opportunities that we have offered. I think that will allow us to move forward. For us, playing France at one year of the World Cup, it was a good match of preparation.

Soccer Hearts - Have you made several decisive judgments elsewhere?

(smile) Twice, yes! I was happy to do my job and allow my team to stay in the game [after the 1-0], even if we did not set a goal.

How are we going from this match, after winning this crucial match at the Olympic Games?

It's hard to compare a friendly match against an Olympic tournament match. There is less emotion than in Olympic tournaments because it's different. I think they say that the team is well organized and can change the course of the game. They have a lot of threats in attack. We have been good defensively against them and we have not given them much of a chance.

How do you see next and what's most important for the team today?

To score goals ! But I think we will continue to build on it. Our goal is to win the World Cup and an Olympiad. So, we need to take things little by little and not only look at our performances, but how to put the teams in harm's way and have results against them.

Personally what are your goals? I know you have left Washington to play in a men's team today.

I just want to challenge myself. There are different routes where we go and I have no goals to help the team but also my individual benefits. It allows me to grow and improve, to do things differently. It's exciting to see things in a different way and I hope it's going to take me to a great challenge where I could improve, be able to support the team and push us forward.

How did it come to you this desire for change?

This is not outside the question. It's more of an issue for now and it's something that inspires me and it's really stimulating for me. I enjoy every moment. I do not really look to the future, I remain open to the options available to me. I focus on the present and give the best of myself.

Interview conducted with Women Soccer France

Karim Erradi