It was in a freezing cold that PSG received Guingamp this afternoon at Camp des Loges. A balanced match between the two teams who stood head for a good part of the confrontation, before the opening of the Parisian score through Marie-Antoinette Katoto.


This Sunday at the end of the 8th day of D1, the Parisians faced a formidable Breton team, which did not let up. But against the pressing and the rise of PSG in the second half, the players of Frederic Biancalani have flinched. Everything seemed to be on the way for an upbeat Guingamp team and in good stead with Sana Daoudi as a good playmaker. While Julie Debever or Claudine Meffometou Tcheno will be important defensively against Paris, with Solène Durand as the last defense.

On the other hand, the turnover continues with the absences in Grace Geyoro's starting lineup, Irene Paredes. But Olivier Echouafni leaves his confidence to Kadidiatou Diani or Eve Perisset since this beginning of the season and can count on the return of selection of Ashley Lawrence. The Parisiennes will still have trouble controlling the match.


A lack of realism
The match begins with a dangerous action by Guingamp on Léa Le Garrec's center (2nd) at the far post for Debever, who fails to get his head back. Paris reacts quickly with this good action on this center of Perisset (6th). Wang Shuang hands over for Formiga who hits, but it is countered by a guingampaise. It follows this little center of Diani right in the box, but the foot of Fanny Hoarau (13th) is there to ward off the danger in a corner.

Right after that, Dudek's (22nd) weak header passes over the goal on that perfect center of Wang's right lane. Paris continues with this big opportunity, but Charlotte Lorgeré (29th) manages to come out the hit of Katoto after the bad exit of Durand on the Parisian attacker. We find Léa Le Garrec (33) on an attempt by far, vain but which demonstrates the relentless Guingampaises want to open the scoring in this first period.

Just after that, it is Falone Meffometou (35th) who comes to center this good ball for Oparanozie, but the Nigerian is too short to take it back to the ground. Then it is the turn of Le Garrec (39th) to want to bring with this corner but no one to cut! En Avant Guingamp gets opportunities and could blame himself in the second half for being unrealistic. Despite this, the Breton club does not cash, just like this good intervention of Meffometou (39th) again, on this good center of Perisset for the head of Katoto.


The two teams can not do it
After the break, the cold continues to make its law and to test the bodies of the players and the public. After a break-in, Paris regains the pace and control of the match, like the center at ground level of Diani (53) but will be picked up by Durand. At the break, Olivier Echouafni replaced Emma Berglund by Grace Geyoro to bring an offensive overweight to the midfield. And the French international will quickly want to be decisive with this good pass for Diani (54), who finds himself in a closed corner against Durand and his shot finally ends in the net.

Grace Geyoro (57) goes on with a shot after a good pass from Katoto, the ball flies over the frame. Paris will still miss the boat with this golden opportunity. On a good pass Formiga, the Chinese Wang Shuang comes to arm a shot, but it is opposed by Durand (59)! And if it is not the guardian, it is the captain who plays the saviors for Guingamp with this saving intervention of Debever (60th) against Katoto at the first post, who wanted to take this center of Périsset.

At the hour of play, the situation does not seem to want to unblock for Paris, while Guingamp has much more difficult to create his opportunities. At the image of this long-shooting center of Perisset (61st), which crashes on the transverse, then pushed back in a dangerous way by the defense of Guingamp. The Red and Black then try to take Paris by surprise on long balls, with the race of Faustine Robert to the goal just entered the game. She wants to recover the ball, but the exit of Katarzyna Kiedrzynek (66th) is saving.


Paris unlocks - finally - the situation
By dint of trying and pressing, the Parisiennes will find the flaw. They will first try this good center Diani (72) again repulsed by Debever. But the French international will persevere, and on an umpteenth center millimeter, Katoto (74th) takes the ball from the head to the far post, which strikes Solène Durand 1-0!

Guingamp is showing signs of frustration and the players want to come back, but the challenge will be complex. In the image of this perfectly wound shot Léa Le Garrec (77th), but well captured by Kiedrzynek just below its cross. We find Le Garrec, on this good indirect free kick and Louise Fleury (87th) who tries the recovery, but the ball ends above the frame.

Paris wants to break. Just like Aminata Diallo's 89th strike attempt after Durand's exit, she returns in time to intercept the ball. Wang's strike (90th) also misses the frame. Paris is finally doing very well in this poster of the 8th day and avoids the trap lived against the LOSC a few weeks ago.

With this short success, but important, Paris is still close to OL before the shock that awaits the two leaders of the D1 mid-November. Before that, PSG meets Linköpings next Wednesday, then Bordeaux Sunday. For his part, Guingamp has done well in this match, with a team welded and attractive to see play. The EAG will have to bounce back against Fleury.


Photo: PSG


Match sheet

D1 Women - Round 8 - Stade Georges-Lefèvre (Saint-Germain-en-Laye)

Goal: Katoto (73rd)

PARIS SAINT - GERMAIN: Kiedrzynek - Berglund (Geyoro, 46th), Dudek, Daiane - Perisset, Diallo, Formiga (c), Lawrence - Wang - Diani (Pekel, 90th + 1), Katoto.

Coach: Olivier Echouafni.

GUINGAMP: Durand - Meffometou Tcheno, Debever (c), Lorgeré, Hoarau - Daoudi, Abadou (Jezéquel, 87th), Garrec - Fourré (Robert, 66th), Fleury - Oparanozie (Béché, 75th).

Coach: Frédéric Biancalani

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